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Managed Virtual DesktopBusiness today demands access to information and applications from multiple sources that are accessible anytime across an array of devices. Smart companies are rising to meet the needs of a mobile workforce by seeking solutions offering security and flexibility. As part of its Solution Toolkit, AbriaCloud Technologies� has developed a Managed Virtual Desktop (MVD) solution which simplifies management of complex IT environments so employees can connect with the organization and be more productive.

Managed Virtual Desktop separates the computing environment from physical hardware by placing data and applications in a private, virtualized environment, thereby improving security, reducing risk and enabling employees to accomplish objectives. With Managed Virtual Desktop companies experience:

  • Reduced costs associated with IT management and support of company PCs
  • Interoperability with multiple operating system (OS) network platforms including Microsoft, Linux or Mac
  • Easy access to hosted applications from the desktop or mobile devices
  • Secure, remote access to applications from any location with an Internet connection
  • Accommodation of all platforms enabled by the company's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies
  • Centralized software license management and compliance reporting
  • Improved management and control of data, configurations and updates.

Managed Virtual Desktop transforms enterprise companies by supporting on-demand access to data and applications, enabling a more responsive environment and streamlined IT delivery.

Contact AbriaCloud Technologies� today at 678.264.6000 or emailing sales@abria.cloud to learn how MVD can work for your organization.

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