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Servers and Server Management

Servers and Server ManagementDo you have a server cluttered with obsolete information or jammed with dust? Is the hardware aged and the software out of date? Are you in need of a backup, or experiencing frequent crashes? Whether you are expanding your business or starting a new one, AbriaCloud’s® Server and Server Management solutions deliver what you need.

Buying and operating servers is a costly proposition and the capital expenditure is only the beginning. Adding the cost of configuration, maintenance, upgrading, and power usage, having an onsite server is a resource-intensive undertaking.

Let the experts at AbriaCloud Technologies take the hassle of Server Management off your hands! We offer robust, customized Managed Server solutions to streamline daily operations, collaboration across workgroups, backup capabilities, and data recovery. Having your server hosted in our secure data center mitigates lost time and capital.

Server requirements are as unique as your business. With our multitude of server arrangements, a more efficient and less costly solution is just a call away!

Benefits of AbriaCloud Technologies’ Managed Server Solutions Include:

  • Improved data and equipment security with our unified threat management methodology
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduction of your monthly power bill
  • Scalability by running applications based on your business demands
  • Industry-leading equipment kept current, delivering fast response times
  • Protection of critical data through affordable disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Contain and predict costs through scheduled capacity increases and application life cycles