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 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

Disaster Recover and Business Continuity

Unforeseen events interrupt business operations every day.
Without access to your data and systems,
would you be able to serve your customers
and operate your business?

Would your business survive?

AbriaCloud Technologies has the necessary experience and knowledge to determine the best
Disaster Recovery and / or Business Continuity strategy for your business.


Discussion of the differences between DR and BC

Large or small, disruptive events can stop your business dead in its tracks. Be ready with a plan to handle minor emergencies and catastrophic events so you can get back to business fast. AbriaCloud Technologies takes the worry out of disaster recovery by reviewing your daily operational needs, personnel, and procedures to develop a comprehensive plan to keep you in business. This plan can include disaster prevention, development of procedures to reduce or eliminate downtime, identification of key personnel for a chain of command, security measures, and redundant systems. AbriaCloud Technologies customizes Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions based on your business's fault tolerance level, budget and required recovery speed. As a result of our comprehensive business needs review, the solutions we develop may range from combining off-site file storage and access with on-site backup services to complex geographic system redundancy, or even physical work-site recovery space.

Business operations depend on computing technologies, so protecting critical data is essential to safeguard your revenue stream. Disastrous events are caused by more than weather, fire or flooding. Viruses, theft, disgruntled employees or data corruption can bring your business to a screeching halt. Solid Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning goes way beyond having a few files backed up on a flash drive. A sound plan requires expertise in data, telecommunications, logistics, personnel and physical site management.

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