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Email and Collaboration Services

Disaster Recover and Business ContinuityIn today’s business environment, having constant access to e-mail, calendars, and contacts is vital.

AbriaCloud Technologies™ E-mail and Collaboration tool features:

  •    A universal platform compatible across all devices
  •    A fast and easy way to sync contacts, calendars, and messages on your smart phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop device
  •    Improved security with multi-layer virus and spam protection
  •    Integration with website Customer Relationship Management (CRM), software, phone systems and more
  •    Mass / bulk mailing capability
  •    Shared calendars, folders, and distribution lists
  •    Managed and administered through AbriaCloud®

AbriaCloud Technologies™ has designed its E-mail and Collaboration solution for security-conscious businesses of all sizes.

Contact AbriaCloud Technologies™ today at 678.264.6000 to learn more about how our web-based e-mail tool is the right fit for you.