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Abria's Hardware as a Service

Computer hardware such as servers, desktops, and printers, only has a life expectancy of 5 years, making the price of hardware maintenance costly for business owners. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) efficiently converts capital costs into manageable monthly operational fees, while keeping computer hardware up-to-date. At AbriaCloud Technologies™, we offer managed service agreements to keep equipment functioning optimally, while reducing ongoing expenses of new equipment purchases, hardware licenses, and maintenance at the same time.

AbriaCloud’s® convenient hardware installation program makes it easy to incorporate new technology, and we keep you current with the most recent licensing requirements and system patches. Our professional technical support team takes pride in responding quickly to your questions and concerns, while ensuring hardware and software applications are configured to meet your business needs.AbriaCloud Technologies™ HaaS maintenance agreements feature:

Hardware as a Service

  •    Ongoing hardware maintenance and software patches
  •    Rapid setup and configuration of new hardware and software
  •    Professional technical support
  •    Replacement of retired and aging equipment with up-to-date hardware
  •    Systems integration and regularly updated networks, servers and user hardware
  •    Easy and convenient monthly billing

AbriaCloud Technologies™ offers HaaS solutions which reduce licensing, depreciation, and maintenance expenses while providing you with the cost- efficiency you need.

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